Brody Vincent is a 27 year-old artist from Graham, Kentucky. He received his BFA in Painting at Murray State University and has been exhibiting his works regionally and nationally for the last 4 years. He has studied under various professional painters, including The Society of Egg Tempera Painters President and co-founding artist, Michael Bergt. In 2001 he was awarded a private residency to study with renowned contemporary painter Scott Fraser, and in 2004 he received highest honors from his University with the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Deans Award.

The richness of the rural life that surrounds Brody Vincent in Kentucky is something that he views as a wealth of cultural heritage. The area has become a great inspiration to him, and an endless source of material to create work about. The effects of this heritage couldn’t be more profound than in his recent painting of Judith and Holofernes.