Brenda Stein is a dedicated local artist who creates lathe carved bowls and fine art woodturings, many from salvaged Tennessee hardwoods. Magnolia, Curly Maple, Willow Oak, Black Walnut, Cherry, and Plum are just a few of the many trees Brenda has transformed into meaningful expressions. At a mere 5'4'' tall Stein manages logs sometimes as massive as 30" in diameter before scaling them down to fine works of art.

She has trained with woodturning masters Ray Key, David Ellsworth and John Jordan, and was mentored by the late Charles Alvis. Her one-of-a-kind gallery quality works are out of felled trees only, which allows Stein to not only rescue the trees, but also preserve their essence.

Her works have also been collected and commissioned for such clients as Keith Urban, Governor Phil Bredesen, and even Sir John Vane, Nobel Laureate, from London. Warner Park commissioned Stein for pieces made out of trees fallen on their grounds. She was commissioned to design and create the awards for the 2007 Governor's Awards in the Awards for the State of Tennessee by the Tennessee Arts Commission.