Unique Gift Items from LeQuire Gallery

Nashville Film Festival

Faces by Murat Kaboulov        16 x 20 inches each  oil on canvas


Other great points of interest:


Ben Caldwell Copper Serving Pieces   

From Sauce Bowls to Cake Knives    Hand-Crafted, Originally Designed Copper Serving Pieces   starting at $85


Ben Caldwell Copper Ornaments   Ginkgo and Tulip Poplar Leaves - $38


Mini Morsels from Plein Air Painter, Lori Putnam    4 x 4 oil sketches, framed - $80


Hand turned Wine Stoppers & Writing Pens by Brenda Stein - starting at $55 (many from local Tennessee hardwoods)


New Vessels, Bowls and Sculpture from Brenda Stein  -  perennial favorites, gifts that become true heirlooms 


New Ornaments by Alan LeQuire gilded figures in driftwood - $38 - $45  These will not last long.  The last time he offered these, they all went the first day.  This year is only the 2nd time he's offered them in 11 years. 


New Silver & Gold Series by Joshua Bronaugh - 10 in the series, $250 each 

(matted figures on paper) they are gouashe on watercolor base, but look like silver and gold gilt. Simple and Gorgeous!


New Series of Small Seasons - Marleen De Bock  16" x 20" rare, small series as opposed to this artist's typical large scale work. Lovely.


New Series of Winter Scenes by Murat Kaboulov  - as categories sell down, we feel very lucky to still have access to this artist's work.


Series of Faces by Murat Kaboulov - the holiday inventory is a preview of a larger exhibit of the same subject due 2015. I wouldn't wait.


SOMERS Jewelry - Special Incentive Prices - Thanksgiving Weekend Only.


New Series of Woodcut Prints by Greg Decker -  hot  off the press - we've never had woodcuts from Decker before. Hot off the press - literally. While Decker was recently visiting from New Mexico, he printed these in Alan LeQuire's printing studio (downstairs of our building).


New Series of Hand Printed Textiles from Greg Decker  Also hot off the press - We've never had these before either....  tablecloths to tapestries - Greg Decker style!


William Kooienga handmade letter openers and pate boards in a variety of beautiful wood material.  Starting at $55.

And there is much, much more........