Greg Decker is a full-time professional oil painter currently livingĀ in Southern New Mexico. He lived in New York City for twelve years, where he taught with the Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Lincoln Center Institute. He holds two Master of Fine Arts Degrees, from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and from the New York Academy of Art. His early childhood in Africa, love for African decorative pattern, and involvement with poetry have decidedly influenced his paintings.

He says of his work, "I consider myself an adventurous figurative painter, willing to take risks and bold moves to transform an image into a finished painting. I seek to work from my imagination as well as from life, and see myth and story as the reason for being for these paintings. Various themes, both public and private, recur in these works-they are characters in an ongoing theater of color and form. I paint what I want to see."

Also available, Greg Decker Original Watercolors