Drawings & Watercolors by Sculptor, Alan LeQuire

Studies and Sketches for Larger Works

Feb 3rd - February 28th

Meet the Sculptor
February 3rd  /  5-7:00 pm
February 4th  / 12-3:00 pm


As a sculptor, Alan LeQuire has always drawn and painted to sort out concepts prior to sculpting (visual doodling), and he continues to discuss the importance of drawing to his students, but rarely have we featured the work at LeQuire Gallery.  Obviously best known for three dimensional work, the exhibit opens eyes to a new and relatively unknown facet of a professional sculptor's world, offering a glance into the ideas and concepts of preliminary work. 

Approximately 200 pieces - c. 1994 to date, including ideas for upcoming sculpture themes such as Artist & Model,  Women With Drapery, People & Animals, Colossal Heads, Family, Mother & Child, The Shepherd 

Chicken Lady

Lori Putnam: Painting the National Parks


This year marks the 100th Anniversary of our country's incredible National Parks system, "America's Best Idea" according to legendary documentary film maker, Ken Burns. To celebrate, we are featuring an exciting collection of paintings from Lori Putnam acquired from her plein air visits to the many of these parks over the last two years.

"Landscape painters today and throughout the history of the National Parks Service serve and have served as explorers, historians, documentarians, conservationists and reporters". - Lori Putnam

Day Hike 24 x 18, oil on canvas
Sierra Nevada/Ansel Adams Wilderness, Inyo National Forest

Day Hike